announces the launch of its business-to-business e-marketplace of international food products for import buyers. Partnered with some of the world's top software and technology companies, the site offers auctions, exchanges, and current news and market information affecting the burgeoning market for international food traders worldwide.

"We've created a true international marketplace where buyers and sellers of the top categories of food commodities come together and do business," said Simon Chan, Executive Vice President of "We're offering products from the top Southeast Asian suppliers of seafood, grains, fruit and poultry to buyers the world over." has signed fifty suppliers of foodstuffs, who represent a combined $2.5 billion (US) worth of exports last year worldwide. Major suppliers Include Thai Union, TIPCO, STC and Surapon Foods. The company is now targeting the import buyers community given its unique position as the leading supplier of Southeast Asian food products.

Registered users of the FoodMarketExchange site ( have the flexibility to purchase products from auction or by a fixed price format. The auction feature includes both a traditional auction, in which multiple buyers bid on product from a single seller either in real time or via sealed bids, as well as a reverse auction in which a single buyer entertains bids from multiple sellers. The exchange enables trading between multiple buyers and sellers for one-time or standing orders.

The site also features a data center, which includes extensive news and information on market conditions, financial data, laws and regulations, unique services and specific product information. The site's 'People' section offers expert advice and opinions on current issues in food importing, as well as information on education and nutrition.

About FoodMarketExchange

FoodMarketExchange is operated by Biz Dimension Co., Ltd., for the purpose of promoting trade between buyers and suppliers of food products and ingredients worldwide through a safe, efficient, Internet-based on line trading hub. The top priority of Food Market Exchange is promoting and supporting the trade of Southeast Asian food commodities to leading food-importing companies around the world. Food Market Exchange provides these companies with expanded reach, improved efficiency and improved service level. For more information, visit