E-TradeNuts.com, a newly formed Internet based Company that enables buyers and sellers of Almonds, Pecans and other tree nuts to list their products on the Internet is online.

According to the Company's founder, Jim Brodie, the www.E-TradeNuts.com web site enables buyers and sellers to communicate their product needs, quality requirements, and delivery requirements to interested parties throughout the world on a real-time basis.

At the http://www.E-TradeNuts.com
web site, participants negotiate online while maintaining anonymity. Final negotiations are still handled directly between the parties only after it has been established that the quality, quantity, delivery and price are within limits acceptable to both parties.

Mr. Brodie says, "E-TradeNuts.com provides immediate international coverage, fast initial negotiation of price, quantity, terms, and quality in a confidential environment, and still allows for final one-on-one negotiation of the final sale."

E-TradeNuts.com provides a venue ideally suited to the buying and selling of all tree nuts, world wide.