Ecolab, Inc. the world leader in critical environment sanitation systems and products, today announced the filing with the FDA of a food additive petition to use peroxyacetic acid as a red meat carcass antimicrobial treatment.Ecolab's patented peroxyacetic acid technology is a proven antimicrobial treatment on red meat surfaces, effective against E. coli O157: H7, Salmonella typhimurium, and Listeria monocytogenes. The petition marks Ecolab's most recent advance in providing the meat processing industry with a multiple interventions approach to pathogen reduction."A carcass antimicrobial treatment extends Ecolab's food safety offering," says Dr. Richard Higby, senior marketing manager for meat and poultry. "Ecolab's extensive program includes plant sanitation, worker hygiene technologies, food surface treatments and food irradiation services through our strategic partner, IBA."With each step in the program, a processor incrementally reduces the plant's risk of microbial contamination of the food item and adds another protective layer to their brand protection strategy," says Higby.Ecolab will continue to aggressively develop unique antimicrobial systems that meet the food safety needs of red meat, poultry and ready to eat processors.Ecolab is the leading global developer and marketer of critical environment sanitation systems and products for the institutional, food processing and pharmaceutical markets. Ecolab news releases and other investor information are available on the Internet at