eFoodmanager, Europe's leading b2b trading and services market-place for the food industry -- today announced that it has acquired the leading European market-place for the seafood industry, www.DerFischmann.de, for an undisclosed figure. Under the deal, the founder and CEO of DerFischmann, Joachim Reichelmann, also joins eFoodmanager as category head for seafood produce. Founded in 1996, www.DerFischmann.de has some 100 seafood industry participants currently trading through the platform.Jan Stenger, co-founder and CEO of eFoodmanager, commented: "The acquisition provides an important building block to access Europe's leading buying and selling groups. We plan to have all major food categories tradable on the platform by the year end."With 250 participants now signed to eFoodmanager's platform, including retail and e-tailer groups, manufacturer and traders, the company plans to pilot its service across four initial food categories in May -- fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat and dairy products.Joachim Reichelmann said:"Being part of eFoodmanager represents a significant step forward for DerFischmann's users both in terms of the services provided -- such as financial services and logistics -- and in terms of opening up previously hard to access international markets for European fish industry sellers. eFoodmanager is opening up international markets whilst at the same time achieving significant efficiency gains for buyers and sellers alike."