efoodmanager.com www.efoodmanager.com , Europe's leading business-to-business marketplace for the food industry, has announced an alliance with farmpartner.com www.farmpartner.com , a sector-specific virtual marketplace geared towards the agriculture industry.Both companies will jointly work together in the respective markets in the European business-to-business agriculture and food industries by enhancing the product offerings for their clients. Those purchasing products from efoodmanager will now be able to buy additionally products via farmpartner.com's marketplaces. farmpartner.com's clients now have a powerful channel to sell their products to a large amount of buyers trading on the efoodmanager marketplace.The efoodmanager 'Open Marketplace' is available to all subscribers to post their goods and services and also to request quotations and put out tenders. Meanwhile efoodmanager is building 'Individual Company Marketplaces' tailored to the individual needs of purchasers where the purchaser trades only with pre-selected third parties using his own product catalogues.Daniel Kellmereit, efoodmanager's Head of Corporate Development, commented: "The partnership with farmpartner.com opens up an exciting new sector for us and is a valuable partnership to add to our growing alliances. This cooperation allows companies within the food and agriculture industries to source producers and suppliers in a cost effective and time saving manner."Dr Stefan Tewes, co-founder of farmpartner.com, said: "We are delighted to welcome efoodmanager.com as our partner. Their expertise within the food industry further strengthens the value-added services we already offer to our customers. We look forward to developing mutually beneficial services."Founded in January 2000, efoodmanager already has over 500 customers regularly using the company marketplaces, and a further 900 companies have registered to trade on the "Open Marketplace".