Electricfood added sizzle to the internet today with the launch of its unique specialty food website, http://www.electricfood.com.

Electricfood is a convenient, easy to use site featuring hundreds of specialty foods, recipes, cooking tips and insights from professional chefs. Electricfood was cooked up to satisfy, as well as inspire, all cooks from the everyday novice to the weekend gourmet. Among the specialty food offerings, customers can find a wide selection of unique and unusual specialty, ethnic and quality staple items.

Electricfood President Michael Hurwitz says, "We hand select the finest specialty food products to enhance today's busy lifestyle." He adds, " 'Between Everyday and Gourmet' is more than our tagline; it represents our commitment to bring as large a variety of food products and information as we can to a mass audience. We're the only online specialty food site that caters to everyone from the parent cooking pancakes on Sunday to the aspiring gourmet chef in search of Mongolian Fire Oil for Chinese stir fry."

"In addition to our own offerings, we look forward to a number of strategic partnerships down the road," said Hurwitz. "The first one we are proud to announce is our new agreement with omahasteaks.com. We will offer their incredible meat, fish & chicken products available on electricfood.com and omahasteaks.com will offer electricfood's vast array of specialty food products and Ready Recipes on their website and in their online and email marketing promotions," adds Hurwitz.

The electricfood Ready Recipe Shop provides a new dimension in preparing meals. Electricfood has an extensive database of recipes filled with delicious ingredients. With a click of a mouse, customers can select a recipe and indicate the number of people they wish to serve. The website will then place the correct amount of ingredients directly into their shopping carts for delivery, and make a list of the items that aren't available so customers can purchase those ingredients at the local supermarket.

Electricfood's Gourmet Meal and Party Packs are specially designed with everything you need for the backyard barbecue, that elegant cocktail party, or a simple Sunday brunch. These Gourmet Meal and Party Packs are electricfood's contribution to "dinner at your door" convenience. Each of the Party Packs is hand selected by electricfood's culinary experts with quality ingredients that are a snap to prepare. If a romantic Italian meal with gourmet pasta is your choice, just click on the Buy button and treat yourself, or send electricfood Care Packages to someone you love who is away at school or returning from the hospital.

The electricfood customer can also create shopping lists for future purchases, exchange recipes and cooking tips with other professional and novice cooks and enjoy articles and features found only on electricfood.

About electricfood.com

Electricfood is the first and only online specialty food site to combine the brick-and-mortar infrastructure of an offline supermarket with the choice, content and convenience found only online, bridging the gap "Between Everyday and Gourmet." Customers will view an innovative selection of merchandise through an easy-to-use interface, timely product delivery system and excellent customer service. Electricfood is a subsidiary of Hy-Vee, one of the largest employee-owned retail corporations in the Upper Midwest. electricfood is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

About Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee is an employee-owned retail corporation that operates more than 200 retail outlets in the Upper Midwest, with annual sales in excess of $3.5 billion and more than 12 million visits per month by customers. Hy-Vee ranks among the top 15 supermarket chains in the nation and is one of the top 40 privately held companies in the world. Retail operations include over 180 supermarkets and nearly 30 drug stores. To support its growing retail operations over the last 70 years, the company maintains distribution facilities that encompass more than 2 million square feet. Subsidiaries include three wholesale food operations, a floral distributor, an advertising agency, a construction company and a financial institution.