Kraft Foods has embarked on a "healthy living" initiative as it expands its range of better-for-you products.

The US food giant is to introduce new nutritional labelling on its products in an effort to "make healthy living a priority in every household", the company said.

The programme, dubbed Kraft Sensible Solution, will adorn over 500 Kraft products, the company said yesterday (19 April).

"Making smarter food choices doesn't have to be difficult," says Carol Altomare, registered dietitian at Kraft Foods. "By simply looking for the Sensible Solution flag on the front of more than 500 Kraft products, shoppers can quickly and easily find foods and beverages that are sound from a nutrition standpoint, and they don't have to be experts in nutrition."

On Wednesday, Kraft said earnings had fallen by 30% during the first quarter of the year due to tough trading conditions in core categories including cheese and salad dressing.