UK organic food brand Enjoy Organic has announced a major overhaul of its website in an attempt to raise its profile as a serious player in the booming organic market. The site, which is being revamped by the ImagineNet agency, will go live in September and target 35 to 55 year-olds, who are coming online in increasing numbers, and also represent the bulk of the organics-buying population.

Ian Hills, head of marketing at Enjoy Organic, which is sponsored by Ranks Hovis McDougall, commented: "The internet is a primary strand of our strategy." The site aims to be lighthearted while offering access to serious organisations active in the organics sector such as the Soil Association. It will be located at the same URL as the company's current site,

The company is also planning an offline marketing campaign to raise public awareness of the brand. The campaign will focus on a new image the company plans to adopt, a scarecrow, reports Revolution magazine.