Belgian retailer Colruyt, which saw protesting pork farmers attempt to blockade one of its distribution centres overnight, today (17 July) insisted it had little control over pork prices.

Farmers, angry at the low price for pork products in Belgium, held a protest at a Colruyt site in Hal and met the company's management early this morning.

A Colruyt spokesman, however, claimed that pork prices are "set at a European level" with the retailer having little influence.

Some 60% of Belgian pork products are sold outside the country in other European markets, the spokesman claimed.

"There are macro-economic issues that has to be dealt with at a European level," he said.

Nevertheless, the spokesman added that, after "a good debate" with the protestors, Colruyt would look to play a role with other stakeholders to find "a sustainable solution".

Reports in Belgium also claimed that farmer protests had taken place at Aldi and Lidl distribution sites.

Officials at Veva, the Belgian pork farming body, could not be reached for immediate comment.