Recognisable products with a twist will be the breakthrough new products for 2010, according to research by Mintel.

A study by the market intelligence group published today (17 November) has found that next year's products will "recreate the familiar".

"Post-recession, we don't expect manufacturers to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we predict 2010's new products will give shoppers something familiar paired with something new to better satisfy their needs," said David Jago, director of trends and innovation at Mintel. "On retail store shelves, we expect today's familiar megatrends - health and wellness, convenience, sustainability - to get a fresh, new makeover for 2010."

Next year, Mintel also predicts seven core trends will impact global new product development as manufacturers try to pique interest in new launches while keeping shoppers comfortable.

Mintel claims there will be a "symbol overload" as consumers crave more nutrition facts, as well as a sodium reduction in foods.

'Local' is also predicted to stretch further. In the UK 46% of consumers buy products from their own country when they can and 43% of US consumers claim they buy local when possible. In 2010, Mintal says the definition of "local" will expand, becoming more practical for major companies to use and for mainstream shoppers to purchase.

Chic packaging and premium positioning will become more popular, and Mintel predicts that colour coding for convenience will also make an appearance.