Farmers in Hungary have held a series of demonstrations protesting against supermarket purchasing and payment terms.

A spokesperson for Hungarian agricultural association MOSZ (Mezogazdasági Szövetkezok és Termelok Országos Szövetsége) confirmed that poultry, dairy and meat producers have staged protests outside supermarket warehouse facilities in three cities - Gyal, Alsonemedi and Budaors.

The protests were orchestrated to increase pressure on Hungary's major supermarkets to stock largely Hungarian products, the spokesperson told just-food.

According to Hungarian reports, protestors have also accused supermarkets of failing to meet payment deadlines and are calling for payment terms to be kept.

MOSZ has called on the two sides to open mediated negotiations to settle the dispute.

Rewe-owned Penny and Tesco, Hungary's two largest supermarket groups, were unavailable for comment as just-food went to press.