This Christmas shoppers will have the chance to order a traditional fresh free range turkey direct from their local farm when they do their supermarket shopping.Local farmer, John Baldwyn, has struck a deal with Somerfield to supply it with his traditionally reared and produced birds to 45 stores across the Cotswolds.All the turkeys are reared at Top Farm, Hidcote Boyce near Chipping Camden and have received the 'Golden Promise' accolade from the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association.The birds are reared in natural light and fed on cereals with no animal protein and free from antibiotics and growth promoters. They are grown slowly to full maturity and prime condition. The birds are then humanely slaughtered, dry-plucked and hung on the farm for a minimum of seven days to mature and develop the natural flavours unique to this type of traditional production.John Baldwyn said: "Somerfield is taking an important stand in supporting local farmers and giving us a chance to prove that we have a product that customers want with the reassurance that it's local."Our turkeys are reared under the very best methods of production with quality feed and plenty of fresh air and light. Our practice of slaughtering and maturing the turkeys on the farm guarantees minimum stress to the birds and the best quality."