Dairy products maker Fayrefield Foods has announced a new five-year licensing agreement with Canada-based Forbes Medi-Tech to supply Reducol for a range of cholesterol reducing dairy products for the UK market.

Fayrefield said Reducol is a clinically proven coniferous sterol that lowers cholesterol levels. The range of products has been devised by Fayrefield's new product team and will incorporate a selection of dairy drinks as well as spread and yoghurt options. The range will be available in the first half of 2005, with additional offerings being added in due course.

The launch follows a long period of research and development between Fayrefield and Forbes Medi-Tech.

"We see a significant market opportunity for Reducol-based dairy products and we are excited to be incorporating the strong science behind Reducol into cholesterol-lowering products for distribution and sale throughout the UK," said Nick Hilton, managing director of Fayrefield Foods.