The US Food and Drug Administration is awaiting industry comment on calls from a consumer pressure group to tighten the regualtions on salt in food.

The FDA is to hold a public hearing next month on its policies on salt and sodium in food following a request from The Center for Science in the Public Interest to change the laws surrounding the level of salt found in processed food.

The CSPI wants the current classification for salt - that it is "generally recognised as safe" - to be revoked and for the ingredient to be reclassified as a food additive. The CSPI is also lobbying the FDA to limit the amount of salt found in processed food and to require companies to give more information about the salt and sodium content in their products.

A spokesman for the FDA told just-food this afternoon (22 October) that it wants comments and information from "all interested parties".

The spokesman said: "We want to solicit information and discussion on the regulatory status of salt, and food labeling requirements regarding salt and sodium, particularly with respect to the feasibility and potential effectiveness of the regulatory actions requested in CSPI's citizen petition. We also want to solicit information and discussion on other potential approaches for reducing salt intake."

The FDA hearing will take place on 29 November.