Expansion of Ferreros Canada facility will see launch of three new products

Expansion of Ferrero's Canada facility will see launch of three new products

Ferrero is to invest more than CAD36m (US27.5m) in a project to make three additional products at its Brantford plant in Canada's Ontario province.

The Southwestern Ontario Development Fund said it is contributing CAD1.5m to support the project for which Ferrero will "invest in innovative technology to expand its business, expand its product line and pursue new markets".

According to the fund, the new products, as yet unnamed, will be sold into markets across North America.

The expansion of Brantford, Ferrero's only facility in Canada, is expected to be completed by August 2017 and will lead to the creation of 55 new jobs, in addition to the existing 831-strong Brantford workforce, the fund said.

A spokesperson for Ferrero's Canadian arm, said: "Brantford has proven to be a great manufacturing location for us and a catalyst for us to expand our business and grow our presence in North America." At present, the confectioner manufactures products in Canada including Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Tic Tac, Kinder Surprise and Raffaello. Officials at the company could not be reached to comment on which the new products made at the Brantford facility will be.

Earlier this year, Ferrero announced plans to invest at its plant in Brussels, a move expected to create 50 new jobs in a EUR21m (US$23m) project that will see a modernisation plan for the factory to allow "constant development for over 25 years".