EU agriculture Commissioner Franz Fischler " has called for Danish fisherman to play a full part in reversing the decline of the EU fisheries sector. "Denmark has a long tradition of fishing which we should protect together by taking the measures necessary to promote the recovery of a growing number of our fish stocks which are depleted as a result of years of overfishing. Danish fishermen know too well the effects of too much fishing: dangerously small stocks, reduced catches and fish landings, shrinking income, job losses and the continuous weakening of coastal areas. I want to tell you today: we, stakeholders, can and must stop the rot. Let us turn the tide of decline together by taking the necessary decisions in the short-term to ensure the future of the sector in the long run. We have to urgently reduce the fishing pressure on fish stocks, we have to stop the madness of subsidising the building of vessels that threaten fish stocks and lose fishermen jobs. The Commission is determined to minimise the potential hardship for fishermen; this is why it has proposed to make more money available to help those who decide to leave the sector.", Commissioner Fischler, responsible for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, told Danish fishermen's organisations when he presented the proposals by the European Commission to reform the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).