Franz Fischler, EU Commissioner forAgriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries, has once again spoken out on fishing practices in the EU. "I am convinced that it is more socially responsible to do everything that can be done to reduce fishing effort on stocks that are under threat, even if this inevitably means a smaller fleet, than doing nothing but just watch fishermen lose their jobs for lack of fish to catch. Inertia is costing 8,000 EU fishermen their jobs every year. How many more jobs must we lose before we say 'enough is enough' and take the necessary measures to restore fish stocks to levels that will ensure the sustainability of our fisheries? The reform will deliver a smaller but more economically and socially viable sector while helping fishermen who leave fishing find alternative jobs," Fischler said in London today [Monday], where he was presenting the Commission's proposals for the reform of the CFP.