Flow International Corporation (Nasdaq: FLOW - news) today announced that it has signed agreements with Kraft Foods (NYSE: MO - news), Procter and Gamble (NYSE: PG - news), ConAgra (NYSE: CAG - news), the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Command, and the National Center for Food Safety and Technology at the Illinois Institute of Technology, to jointly develop the use of ultrahigh-pressure technology to produce high-quality, shelf-stable food products. This $2.3 million, three-year effort-which is part of a Department of Defense, Dual Use Science and Technology Program-will address the regulatory, quality, and hardware aspects of the commercial production of foods that can be kept for extended periods of time without refrigeration. Development efforts will focus on low-acid, heat-sensitive foods-such as soups, potatoes, and cheese products-for both military and consumer markets.Flow International's Fresher Under Pressure® food safety system utilizes ultrahigh-pressure, rather than high temperatures, to destroy food-borne pathogens and spoilage microorganisms. Fresher Under Pressure is currently used to extend the shelf life of refrigerated products such as seafood, juices, and cold cuts, as well as to destroy harmful bacteria."Our goal is to use ultrahigh-pressure, instead of the high heat and long cooking times required for traditional canning, to produce room-temperature, shelf-stable foods with nutritional value, flavor, color, and texture unachievable today," said Ron Tarrant, Chairman, President, and CEO of Flow International. "We are excited to be working with our existing partners to develop the best possible food products for consumers, and we welcome other food producers to join the team."(Note: Food companies interested in joining this effort should contact Dr. Edmund Ting, Vice President of Research and Development, 253-813-3346,