Fonterra making organic milk "more accessible"

Fonterra making organic milk "more accessible"

Fonterra is launching organic milk under its Anchor brand in New Zealand.

Anchor Organic will be available nationwide at an "everyday price", the company said. Fonterra Brands MD Tim Deane added: "We want to put organic milk in reach of more New Zealanders. We’ve done just that through our nationwide distribution and providing Anchor Organic at an everyday price that works out at only about 20 cents extra per glass compared to our standard Anchor milk."

Deane said that the higher price was justified by the higher costs of organic farming and the need to separate milk throughout the collection and bottling process.

"We’re confident of a good response from consumers: 72% of Kiwis tell us that if organic milk was more affordable they would buy it more often. A further 25% told us that if it was available in their regular supermarket that would also make a difference."

The company is also launching Anchor Organic in foodservice channels throughout New Zealand.