A group of Danish danish companies and scientific institutions are joining forces in a new research centre aimed at research and development within the field of healthy and safe foods, dairy group Arla said in a statement.

The objective of the Nanofood Consortium, which was presented to the public at a conference at Aarhus University last week, is to promote partnerships between the food industry and public research and thus contribute to the development of healthier, safer and more nutritious food products, Arla said.

The term for a billionth of a unit, nano technology is research into extremely small dimensions and could be of huge importance to the food industry where research, for example, could lead to the invention of surfaces that reject bacteria coating on food or technology that could establish when milk has turned sour.

The initiators include Arla Foods, Danisco, Danish Crown, Aarhus United as well as several academic institutions such as Aarhus University and the University College of Arhus. The project also enjoys the support of the County of Århus and the Municipality of Århus.

The Nanofood Consortium is associated with the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at the Universities of Århus and Aalborg.