Food Doctor launches Crisp Thins

Food Doctor launches Crisp Thins

Health food group the Food Doctor has launched a range of crisp snacks, Crisp Thins, in the UK.

The line is made from corn and soy and contains 25% more protein and 8% more fibre than potato crisps, Food Doctor commercial director Paul Wynn told just-food today (7 November).

The range is also pressure popped, meaning that - at 99 calories per 23g bag - it typically contains less fat than baked or fried varieties.

Crisp Thins are available in four flavours: mild korma, sweet chilli, spicy chipoltle and hot wasabi. Wynn said that the line will initially be available in independent outlets, such as health food stores.

The company is, however, working to secure listings with the UK's retail multiples and is in discussions with the supermarket chains, Wynn confirmed.

"It may well go into the major grocery trade in February or March," Wynn said.