The UK Food and Drink Federation today [Tuesday] supported the British Retail Consortium's warning of the dangers of setting unrealistic targets for recycling of packaging ahead of tomorrow's vote in the European Parliament.
Martin Paterson Deputy Director General said:

"The food manufacturing industry takes its role in sustainability very seriously but food safety is the number one priority when packaging food for the consumer.
"Many manufacturers already have packaging recycling initiatives in place. FDF has also published environmental guiding principles for the industry, which calls on its members:

"to use and develop packaging and distribution systems for which the packaging/product combination will make fewer demands on non-renewable and renewable  natural  resources. Product quality, safety and packaging functionality must not be compromised."

The industry has produced a report for the Sustainable Development Summit in Johannesburg, which sets out Key Performance Indicators to assist manufacturers who are working to reduce packaging waste whilst still providing the consumer with safe, high quality products."

The report is available at