Australia's third-largest grocery retailer Foodland Associated has warned that some retailers are trying to dominate the liquor and petrol sectors as well as the food sector.

Trevor Coates, managing director of Foodland, called on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate the activities of some retailers, reported the Australian Associated Press.

Coates said that the authorities would have to, at some stage, stand up to attempts by some retailers to dominate certain sectors.

"Some of these larger players are not only trying to dominate the food sector, they're trying to dominate the liquor sector, they're trying to dominate the petrol sector," Coates was quoted by AAP as saying.

"At some stage the authorities, the political authorities and the ACCC competition authorities, have to take a stand to prevent what would be detrimental, going forward, to the consumer if certain companies are allowed to dominate consistently too many of the consumer sectors.

"And that is potentially what is happening, or will happen, and it is about time the politicians and the competition authority did something about it," he added.