Foodstuffs Wellington is eying a bid for beleaguered online fish retailer Southfresh.

Foodstuffs Wellington is currently drawing up a range of business-to-business e-commerce plans to be undertaken in partnership with Foodstuffs South Island and Foodstuffs Auckland, reports IDG Data. Foodstuffs Wellington's retail general manager Graham Douglas says buying Southfresh is a strong possibility. If it doesn't happen, the ensuing closure of Southfresh would send the company back to square one in dealing with seafood suppliers, added Douglas.

Southfresh's system allowed suppliers to input product availability details into a dynamic database, a valuable capability for commodities subject to seasonal supply variations.

It is unclear how much Foodstuffs would be willing to pay for Southfresh, although the fish retailer's founder said it cost more than NZ$1m (US$470,000) to develop its proprietary trading software.