Spanghero, the French firm at the centre of the horsemeat scandal, has been given the go-ahead to partially resume its business activities.

French authorities last week suspended Spanghero's health and safety licence following government claims of suspicions the firm had labelled beef that was potentially horse. Spanghero denies any wrong-doing.

As veterinary inspections continued at the firm today, the Ministry of Agriculture announced Spanghero could resume production of minced meat, sausage meat and ready meals. However, its storage activities for frozen raw meat remain suspended.

At this stage, over 80% of the meat in storage has been verified and work continues on the remaining stocks, the Ministry said. Only one batch of frozen meat is the subject of further testing.

The veterinary inspections have confirmed earlier findings that health certification labels on meat consignments had been modified.

The complete findings of the veterinary inspections will be known on Friday.