Fresh Express launches organic option

Fresh Express launches organic option

Fresh Express has launched a new line of organic salad kits in the US. 

Fresh Express Organic Salad Kits are the brands first bagged salad that contain 100% US Department of Agriculture organic-certified ingredients, from the vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds to the croutons and salad dressings. 

The kits, available throughout the US, come in three flavours: Classic Caesar, Sweet Dijon Onion, and Pomegranate Cranberry. Each kit has an RRP of US$4.49. 

Michael Golderman, marketing brand leader for Fresh Express, said: "Consumers have demanded quick and nutritious salad options for years, so much so that it led to Fresh Express creating the first fresh-cut, ready-to-eat salad package in 1989. The desire for fresh, delicious, convenient salads hasn't changed, but consumers have turned the idea of organic eating from a trend to a lifestyle."

"Organic shoppers, sometimes in a rush, may compromise on purchasing organics. Now they don't have to as we are able to provide them with 100% organic salad kits that have all the ingredients their families will love in one kit," Golderman said.

Fresh Express intends to grow this product line and introduce more organic kits in 2017.