Frito-Lay (Thailand), the local arm of PepsiCo's snack food operations, is to up its spending on promotions by 50% this year in a bid to capture a greater share of the competitive local market.

MD Peter Gutierrez explained that the company will spend up to 400 million baht (US$9.5m) on promotions as it introduces a range of new snacks into a fragmented area already stacked with around 360 different salty snack brands.

There is considerable potential for the Thai snacks market, said Guttierez, and Frito-Lay is aiming to increase its 22% share of the salty snack segment through its major brands such as Lay's chips, Cheetos and Doritos 3Ds.

The company recently formed an alliance with US condiments giant Heinz to introduce chips flavoured with tomato ketchup in Thailand.