Fry's Family Foods, the South Africa-based meat-free products manufacturer, has added a line of products to the range it sells in the UK.

The company has launched Nature's Plant Protein a sub-brand of foods made with ingredients including rice protein and soy.

There are five products in the range, including quinoa and fresh cilantro falafel burgers; rice protein and chia nuggets; and a soy and quinoa country roast.

Two of the products are made without gluten ingredients, although Fry's pointed out they are still made on equipment that processes gluten.

"We feel that the range will target a variety of people at different stages of consciously removing meat from their diet," Tammy Fry, the company's international marketing director, told just-food.

She added: "Every Fry's line was created first for the family and then taken to market. As a family we were consuming more superfoods and using supplements to increase our daily intake of omega 3 and B12.  We decided that both of these belonged in our product range. The new range contains high levels of B12, Iron and Omega 3 from natural sources such as flaxseeds or flax oil and chia seeds. We also increased our variety of plant proteins and added superfoods to the range of products."

Fry's has secured listings for the new line through Ocado, as well as in Whole Foods Market and Holland and Barrett stores in the UK. 

The UK is the company's second-largest market for the South Africa-based company. It has listings for the products in its namesake range in Ocado and Morrisons.