Fuerst Day Lawson, which supplies specialist products to the food, beverage, fragrance and chemical industries, has said that it can now offer its full range of bakery seeds, dried fruits and pulses for distribution in the German market, through its new partner, logistics company Heinrich Hoppe.

Under the new deal FDL will supply bakery seeds, dried fruits and pulses through Heinrich Hoppe, based at Achim near Bremen, for distribution in the growing German market.

"Germany is one of the biggest market for seeds," said Frank Horan, divisional director of the seeds, honey and natural products division. He put the total German market at around 105,000 tonnes a year, 40% of which is sunflower seed, 16% sesame seed, 13% pumpkin and 11% poppy.

"German consumers love seeds in their bread and market potential for us is huge," added Horan. "We are already supplying some of Germany's leading bakers, so we know that we have the right product."