Scandal-hit Japanese confectioner Fujiya has received a welcome boost today (10 April) after a key customer decided to re-stock some of the company's products.

The news comes just a day after Fujiya announced that it would close 87 of its own cake shops.

Convenience stores affiliated with Yamazaki Baking and more than 120 local supermarket operators have resumed sales of Fujiya candy products.

Sales of Fujiya products were suspended in the wake of January's food safety scandal, when it emerged that the group was using out-of-date ingredients.

Fujiya resumed cake sales on 23 March, having introduced vigorous food safety procedures with support from Yamazaki Baking.

However, a dramatic decline in cake sales has forced the Fujiya to close 31 of its directly operated shops and 56 franchised outlets, the company said yesterday (10 April).

Seven items, including Home Pie sweet pies, hit the shelves of the nationwide outlets of Daily Yamazaki and local supermarkets today, Fujiya said.

Fujiya and Yamazaki Baking signed a business and capital tie-up agreement in March, which made Yamazaki the largest shareholder in the confectioner with a 35% stake.

However, many supermarket chain operators, including Aeon, Seven & I Holdings and Seven-Eleven are yet to restock Fujiya goods.