Following Kraft Food's embarrassing and costly recall of taco shells that were believed to contain GM corn not approved for human consumption, the debate on the labelling of GE food has reopened with increased vigour in the US. Questions on the feasibility of segregating normal crops from GE varieties and the reliability of testing for GMOs abound, but the answers are not forthcoming, and little agreement can be reached. The US is a large producer of GM crops. Around two thirds of all processed food contains GM potatoes, corn or soya beans and many businesses rely on the increased yields that insect resistant or stronger crops provide. If Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich gets his way however, the industry could be subject to complete overhaul.Kucinich is sponsoring bills requiring the labelling and safety testing of GM foods and last week spoke of the Kraft fiasco: "It concerns me, and should concern American consumers, that this is a glimpse of things to come as genetically engineered products are rushed to store shelves without real mandatory safety testing and labelling programmes in place."