G. Willi-Food has appointed Kobi Levi as its CEO after changes to Israeli corporate law.

The Israeli-based food company said yesterday (25 October) that Levi will replace Joseph Williger, who has served as CEO since 1994 but will continue to serve as president.

Williger is no longer able to serve as CEO due to an amendment to the Israeli Companies Law, which stops a person or his immediate family member from serving as both CEO and chairman.

Williger's brother Zwi Williger serves as chairman of the company's board.

Levi, 50, has previously worked as CEO of Frutarom's flavour sector and CEO and owner of Teva Kastel, an Israeli supermarket chain that sells organic and natural food products.

"Willi-Food is a household name in Israel, and our goal is to extend the company's reach into rapidly growing markets and enhance shareholder value," Levi said.