Caterers for the G8 conference being held in Scotland this week have ordered more than 600 kilos of Ava strawberries, a new variety of berry owned and grown exclusively by Angus Soft Fruits.

The strawberries are unique because they are the only kind to hold their white petals, but most importantly, they are have a mouth-watering aroma and a full and rounded flavour reminiscent of strawberries of times gone by, Angus Soft Fruits said.

"There are about 15 types of strawberries on sale in the UK yet very few people can name any of the varieties," said commercial manager John Gray. "This, coupled with the fruit's unique qualities, is why we are promoting Ava as a brand rather than simply a commodity."

"It will be interesting to know what the world's leaders think of our strawberries, in particular French President Jacques Chirac who has been critical of British cuisine," he said. "All of the feedback we've had from members of the public and chefs who have tried Ava has been extremely positive with many saying that they are the best strawberries they have tasted."

The strawberry growing season in Scotland runs until October and the berries are sold from the premium fruit sections of Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrison's plus the Co-op.