Gainco, Inc. introduces new portion sizing equipment for in-motion sizing and distribution of fresh or quick-frozen meat, poultry and seafood.

Designed for durability, cost-effective operation and user-friendly interface, these portion sizers deliver inherently superior bottom-line performance for processing plants.

Completely designed and built in the USA, Gainco portion sizing equipment contains a variety of productivity-boosting features. Programmable controls allow for batching by count, weight, or multiple product types, and minimize the incidence of overweight packing.

A highly durable weigh deck, enhanced speed and accuracy, and the delivery of information that's easier to see and share are other productivity-enhancing features.

Users can size up to 180 portions per minute, with a tolerance of + 1 gram for even the smallest pieces. Interchangeable infeed systems make it easy to adapt to the size and type of product being processed. Gainco's pull-off arm design reduces the likelihood for product to be damaged during discharge.

The incorporation of industry-leading Intralox® plastic conveyor belting provides durability at the weigh deck and improves sanitation.

Gainco portion sizing equipment features a display monitor that allows viewing of all drops at one time. The larger display screen is more user-friendly. The system is designed for local or remote PC interface, using the Windows® NT platform. The equipment is comprised of replaceable standard components.

Gainco's portion sizers can be integrated seamlessly with existing production operations. In addition to routing full boxes to a strapping machine, unpacked product can be routed to an automated packing or bagging device. For more information, contact Jim Petersen at 770/534-0703. FAX: 770/534-1865. E-mail:

Since 1984, Gainco, Inc. (formerly Gainesville Scales, Inc.) has been a leading developer and manufacturer of automated weighing and sorting systems for the poultry, meat and seafood industry.

In addition to new portion sizing equipment, the company's comprehensive product line includes overhead scales for sizing and distributing products, high-speed sorting systems, batch weighing equipment for processing parts and portions into bags or boxes, plus counting systems. In 1999, Gainco became a subsidiary of Bettcher Industries, Inc.

Intralox is a registered trademark of Intralox, Inc. Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.