US-based Galaxy Nutritional Foods will soon commence shipping its Healthy Veggie(TM) Brand Dairy Alternatives to Japan, according to an announcement made earlier today.

Galaxy specialises in soy/rice/oats-based dairy alternatives, enriched with phytonutrients and containing no fat, cholesterol or lactose. It markets the products as environmentally friendly and free from the antibiotic and growth hormone residue in animal proteins.

Through a link up with one of Japan's major food distributors, the Sumitomo Corporation, the firm expects Japanese sales to exceed US$2m in the first year. Eventually, supermarket and health shop sales could amount to over US$100m, said the company in a press release.

Galaxy's vice president of retail sales, John W. Jackson, commented: "After more than two years of combined efforts by Galaxy's management team and our Japanese partners, we are very excited to now add Japan to our growing list of international customers.

"We are especially excited to be associated with such an esteemed company as Sumitomo Corporation as well as their management team who are well-respected in their industry."