BioValidity announced today that the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) referenced the Company's scientific research on dietary supplements in their July 2000 Report to Congressional Committees on Food Safety.

This report, entitled Improvements Needed in Overseeing the Safety of Dietary Supplements and "Functional Foods," identifies three key areas of weakness in the oversight of dietary supplements and functional foods by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In the section of the report that discusses structure/function claims, the GAO references the graded science found in BioValidity's on-line encyclopedia (The BioNutritional Encyclopedia® ) as a standard by which to challenge the support for certain label claims.

"BioValidity wholeheartedly supports the GAO in their recommendation that scientific evidence be used to support labeling claims," said Don Labowsky, President and CEO of BioValidity. "Nothing will help consumers to have confidence in the dietary supplements and functional foods they are buying like science." Glenn Fallavollita, BioValidity's VP of Sales added, "We are pleased and honored that BioValidity was referenced in the GAO's report to Congress. We hope that this report spurs all food and supplement manufacturers and any other industry leaders to make scientific knowledge their first ingredient in functional foods."

BioValidity develops and markets science-based information resources for food, beverage, and nutraceutical manufacturers, healthcare portals, and retailers. The Company has analyzed, organized, and summarized over 47,000 published and peer-reviewed articles in the life sciences into an easy-to-use relational database.

All information is objectively graded and reviewed by a panel of national experts prior to inclusion in the database. The science is presented in a structure/function claim format, with each statement backed up by citations, abstract summaries, interactions, precautions, RDAs (if applicable), commonly used dosages, and general information.

In addition to providing the science on dietary supplements for human consumption, the Company has recently introduced a Pet Nutrition Knowledgebase for dogs and cats.

To learn more how your organization can benefit by BioValidity's knowledgebases, please call Glenn Fallavollita, Vice President - Sales, for further information at 215-393-9800. If you would like to review the GAO report, please visit