General Mills adds to The Good Table range

General Mills adds to The Good Table range

General Mills has expanded its The Good Table range in the US a year after launching the "meal solutions" brand.

The company has developed Freezer to Plate, a product that "eases the pressure of dinner planning", it said.

With Freezer to Plate, consumers can combine rice or pasta with water and add chicken straight from the freezer along with one of four sauce varieties – lemon garlic herb, marsala, south-western or teriyaki.

"Everyone can relate to the frustrations associated with a planned dinner gone wrong, with the classic example of failing to set the chicken out in the morning being a common occurrence," said Liana Miller, marketing communications planner for The Good Table. "Those collective experiences really served as the inspiration for Freezer to Plate, as we set out to develop a 'go-to' product to turn to in those meal planning crunch times. It's a convenient, easy, flavourful way to bring the family together."

Freezer to Plate has a suggested retail price of $2.99 and is available at retailers including Walmart.

When General Mills launched The Good Table last summer, just-food analysed its prospects.