US cereal company General Mills has announced that more than 100 million boxes of its Big G cereal brands will carry the new USDA food guide pyramid, called MyPyramid.

"The 2005 Dietary Guidelines are the collective efforts of the American nutrition community, and we want to help communicate these important messages by using some of the best real estate there is," said John Haugen, vice president of Big G marketing, General Mills. "The cereal box is one of the most read items in the home, read on average 2.6 times. With cereal consumed in 93% of American households and with the information on more than 100 million General Mills cereal boxes, this is a powerful step forward in nutrition education."

The new food guide pyramid emphasizes the need for increased whole grain consumption, but nine out of 10 people in the United States do not eat the minimum recommended daily amount of whole grain, General Mills said.

"The science shows a strong connection between whole grain and a reduced risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity, which are the biggest preventable killers in the United States," said Susan J. Crockett director of General Mills' Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. "This new nutrition education initiative continues General Mills' commitment to providing consumers with important health information."