Once again demonstrating its leadership in the area of meat quality research, Genetiporc has announced at the Banff Pork Seminar (Alberta, Canada) the completion of the RN gene eradication process from all its genetic lines. Genetiporc clearly showed the RN gene has an economic impact of more than 14$ US per carcass under the North American context, due to the reduced quality of fresh (colour, pH, drip loss) and processed meat (reduced yield). The eradication of this gene from Genetiporc pig populations will help producers across the Americas enhance meat quality attributes on their commercial hogs and will be beneficial for the entire pig industry. Genetiporc was also the first company world wide committed to eradication of the Halothane gene within all its genetic lines in the mid 80's. That gene also affects meat quality, producing pale, soft and exudative (PSE) meat. Genetiporc was the first breeding stock company in the world to show the accuracy of the molecular test developed for the Halothane gene (Hal 1843tm) at the University of Toronto in 1991.