A grocery chain and its supplier voluntarily have joined the recall of yellow corn products because of the possibility of a bio-engineered protein not approved for human consumption being in the foods, Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin announced today."Georgia consumers should be aware that Food Lion has recalled its Food Lion and Kash n' Karry brand taco shells and that Mission Foodservice and Azteca Milling L.P. have recalled all of their yellow corn products due to the possibility that these products may contain StarLink, a protein not approved for human consumption," Commissioner Irvin said."These companies are removing the affected products and our sanitarians are on the lookout for these yellow corn brands when they do their inspections, but consumers should be alerted to look in their own cabinets for any of the yellow corn flour products named in this recall and the September recall of the Kraft Supermarket Taco Bell Home Originals," Irvin said. "Consumers should return the products to the stores where they were purchased for a refund."Commissioner Irvin pointed out that the yellow corn causing the recalls was approved for animal feed by the Environmental Protection Agency but not human consumption. "This particular protein apparently has shown resistance in some studies to enzymes and stomach acids in the human digestive system," Irvin said."To avoid the possibility of any of the non-approved StarLink being mixed in their products, the companies have switched to milling and producing all white corn flour and processed foods," Irvin pointed out.You can obtain more information about the particular products involved in the recall by visiting the following websites or calling the phone number listed below.