Ghirardelli, the US arm of upmarket chocolate maker Lindt & Sprungli, has launched milk chocolate line Luxe Milk.

Dark chocolate sales have soared in the US in recent years but Ghirardelli said the launch ODF Luxe Milk would remain consumers of the quality of milk chocolate.

"Ghirardelli wants milk chocolate lovers to know it's okay to come out of the dark," said Fabrizio Parini, senior vice president of marketing at Ghirardelli. "Milk chocolate fans may have felt left out as dark chocolate has gained in popularity among chocolate consumers. Milk chocolate should be a delightful indulgence, and we have put our company's resources into creating that intense Ghirardelli chocolate pleasure for milk chocolate lovers."

The Luxe Milk range contains five flavours, including hazelnut and almond varieties. The  2.8-3-ounce retail at $2.29 each.