Glanbia said more US consumers looking to eat plant-based foods

Glanbia said more US consumers looking to eat plant-based foods

Glanbia has added a full line of products to its ThinkThin range in the US that are made with plant-based protein.

The Ireland-based dairy, sports nutrition and ingredients group, which acquired ThinkThin in 2015, is looking to tap into the trend for plant-based nutrition and has expanded a range that has largely comprised products made with dairy proteins.

The company said the new products build on the recent addition of a vegan variant to its ThinkThin Protein and Superfruit bar range.

Michele Kessler, the CEO of ThinkThin, said: "We estimate plant-based foods are a US$5bn industry and we wanted to bring to market a portfolio of products using high-quality based ingredients and still deliver the indulgent flavours our consumers expect from ThinkThin."

The new plant-based protein bars, as well as the protein and probiotic powder mixes range are vegan and created without soy ingredients. The company also emphasised the new products are GMO- and gluten-free. The bars contain 13 grams of plant-based protein and five grams of sugar.

ThinkThin pointed to Harris data that it said shows 36% of Americans eat a vegetarian meal once a week as evidence of the shift towards plant-based diets.

"Innovating in the nutrition and food space means we have to constantly evaluate ingredient and food sources," Kessler said. "With the growing numbers of flexitarians and consumers actively incorporating plant-based foods in their meals, we knew this was a space we could lean into that would complement our current product offerings. It was just a matter of understanding which combinations of plant-based sources tasted best while still delivering category-leading nutritionals."

The new range will be rolled out to selected retail outlets nationwide, including Whole Foods Marget, Kroger, Target and Wal-Mart Stores. It can also be purchased online.