A selection of reports from this weeks research store

A selection of reports from this week's research store

The latest batch of reports from the just-food research store includes a look at bakery trends, a European dairy industry outlook to 2020, and how stevia will change the sweeteners market.


What's Hot in Bakery: Global Industry Developments and Product Trends
The primary objective of this report is to examine underlying trends which are indicative of the current developments within global bakery. This report will also summarise the logic and reasoning behind each trend as well as detailing its effect - individual and cumulative - on product developments in bakery.

New Consumer Opportunities in Prepared Meals & Meal Components
This report shows that opportunities exist in prepared meals and meal components even as competition intensifies. These opportunities can be exploited by analysing the impact of specific consumer groups, behaviours, and trends on the market using actual consumer survey data in 12 prepared meals and meal components sectors across ten core countries.


Dairy Products - Top 5 European Markets Package
This market research report package offers a perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for dairy products in France, Germany, Italy, Russia and the UK.

The European Dairy Industry Outlook to 2020
The European Dairy Industry Outlook to 2020 examines the prospects for the European dairy industry as it embarks on a transition from high regulation to domestic and international liberalisation, and the dismantlement of the milk delivery quota system by 2015. A must-have report for all involved in the European dairy industry.


How Will Stevia Change the Sweeteners Market?
Stevia's arrival in the international sweeteners market is almost certain to shake up the entire area of sugar replacement, but the big question is whether it will erode volumes of existing high-intensity sweeteners or will settle comfortably alongside them with its broader focus on balanced wellness rather than dieting. In order to answer that question, this report explores the background, current status and future directions for stevia sweeteners.

Sweetener Analysis (annual subscription)
LMC's monthly online Sweetener Analysis provides an in-depth examination of issues related to sugar and sweeteners. It covers a broad range of issues that are topical and are of direct commercial relevance to industry participants.


Del Monte Foods Co in Packaged Food (World)
This company profile offers detailed strategic analysis of the company's business, examining its performance in the packaged food market. The report examines company shares by region and sector, brand portfolio and new product developments, market and distribution strategies, challenges from the competition and future prospects.

Dean Foods in Packaged Food (World)
Dean Foods remains focused on the US market and drives virtually all of its sales from the dairy market. The maturity of both the US market and dairy products has, however, impacted the company's overall growth. It has attempted to add value through its Horizon Organic brand and its range of plant-based drinking milk products: Silk, Alpro and Provamel. This report provides a profile of the company.