Transora, the global eMarketplace for the consumer packaged goods industry, and GlobalNetXchange (GNX), the global business-to-business online marketplace for the retail industry, announced today the joint formation of a "megahub" that will make it possible for companies to collaborate with multiple trading partners via a single exchange connection. Beginning immediately, Transora and GNX will invite several major exchanges in diverse industries to become equity participants in the new entity.

"Early on we recognized the need for a universal solution to help companies of all sizes deal with multiple exchanges and to make inter-exchange communication easy and inexpensive. We are particularly pleased to have Transora as our partner in this venture. We believe we are establishing a new paradigm for B2B exchanges working together to improve communication and integration for their users," said Joe Laughlin, CEO of GlobalNetXchange.

The megahub will provide exchanges with low cost EDI and XML transport and translation services over the Internet. The megahub supports exchange-to-exchange interoperability, which facilitates cross-value chain applications such as joint promotions management, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR®) and other services between member companies. Exchanges that join the megahub can bundle connectivity and translation capabilities into their service offerings for resale to customers.

"Interoperability between exchanges is the only way to make the promise of the Internet a reality for businesses," said Judy Sprieser, Transora's chief executive officer. "The megahub allows members of one exchange to avail themselves of the services of another exchange without the expense of building a connection to the other exchange. In this way, participants can collaborate with trading partners across the value chain via multiple exchanges. We are extremely pleased to be working with GNX to charter this endeavor."

About GlobalNetXchange
GlobalNetXchange is the leading operational global business-to-business retail online marketplace open to all retailers and suppliers. Powered by Oracle Exchange, Oracle's online e-business marketplace, GNX utilizes the Internet to seamlessly connect trading partners across extended retail supply chains and to integrate supply with consumer demand. GNX equity partners include many of the world's largest retailers: Carrefour, SA, the largest retailer in Europe and Latin America and the first international retailer in Asia; Kroger Co., the largest U.S. retail grocery chain; Metro AG, based in Germany and one of the world's largest retailers; J. Sainsbury Plc, one of the world's leading retailers and the United Kingdom's second largest food retailer; Coles Myer, the leading retailer in Australia; Pinault-Printemps-Redoute SA, the number one non-food retailer in Europe; and Sears, Roebuck and Co., a leading U.S. retailer. More information is available at

About Transora
Transora is the world's largest open, standards-based business-to-business (B2B) e-marketplace for the global consumer products industry. Comprised of more than 50 major consumer packaged goods companies, Transora allows all industry participants -- suppliers, manufacturers and retailers/distributors -- to optimize value chain operations and improve total business productivity via the Internet. Transora will unleash companies to do what they do best. To find out more about Transora, visit