The Grocery Manufacturers of America today honored three of its major partners in the fight against hunger "to recognize the critical role they play in eradicating hunger and combating malnutrition."At a GMA-sponsored luncheon held during the National Nutrition Summit, GMA presented awards of recognition to Deborah Leff, President & CEO, America's Second Harvest; John Morrill, Executive Director, Congressional Hunger Center; and James Weill, President, Food Research and Action Center."These three groups, in different ways, play a unique role in the war on hunger," said C. Manly Molpus, GMA President and CEO. "GMA and its member companies are very proud of the relationships we have with each of these organizations, including service on their boards of directors."The food, beverage, and consumer products industry is committing millions of dollars in working to stamp out hunger in America and around the world. It is through partnerships with anti-hunger organizations, food banks, food rescue centers, soup kitchens, and other charitable groups that we can make real progress fighting hunger-related problems that affect millions of people."Through a network of more than 200 food banks and food-rescue programs, America's Second Harvest (