Heralding the shift from clipping to clicking coupons, the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) has announced a new alliance with Mybrandcoupons.com to offer consumers the most wide ranging selection of name-brand coupons via the Internet.
The site, to debut in the fourth quarter of 2000, is a new service for GMA members and will provide food, beverage, and consumer products manufacturers with an easy platform for distributing coupons, cutting the lead time for distributing coupons from months to minutes.

"Manufacturers spent an estimated two billion dollars last year just to print and distribute coupons, while coupon redemption rates hovered under two percent," said John Scott, Chief Executive Officer of Mybrandcoupons.com. "We believe the Internet offers significant cost advantages to help narrow coupon marketing expenditures."

Under the Mybrandcoupons.com system, the coupon issuer can predetermine the amount of coupons issued and specify dates the coupon will be available and the geographic areas they wish to cover. The site will also allow companies to follow the progress of their promotions. As coupons are printed, issuers will be able to determine, by day and by region, how their offer is working and adjustments to the promotion can be made instantly.

Consumers visiting the site can download coupons immediately, using no special software, and then print and redeem them at any store. Users can create a personalized shopping list that will be automatically checked for appropriate offers, as well as review recipes and other product information.

Unlike traditional coupon distribution, with the Mybrandcoupons.com system, no fees are collected from manufacturers upon posting the coupon.

"Clearly the Internet offers many opportunities to cut these inefficiencies and dramatically improve the way manufacturers promote their products to consumers," said C. Manly Molpus, GMA's President and CEO. "With web-based transactions increasing throughout our industry, the Mybrandcoupons service is an important new business-to-consumer e-commerce undertaking and a natural addition to GMA's growing portfolio of member services."

"GMA, which has a long history of providing manufacturers with value-added services to promote their brands to customers and consumers alike, is the perfect partner with Mybrandcoupons in this venture," said Scott.