, the largest B2B seafood trading network with 1600 members in 60 countries, has chosen the leading sourcing and commerce intelligence solution, PerfectMarket(sm), to maximize its daily sales potential. Available in Fall 2000, will utilize PerfectMarket on its exchange to increase supplier and buyer transaction volume. "We started and grew GoTradeSeafood to its present stature with a manual negotiation system," said Jerry ten Brink, CEO of GoTradeSeafood. "We're very excited about our integration with Perfect because it automates this whole process and will scale to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding marketplace. We expect Perfect to triple our business volume within six months because participants can set business rules that will bring them more deals that meet their criteria." "The powerful combination of GoTradeSeafood's domain expertise with the PerfectMarket(sm) platform will allow this already thriving market to catapult to the next generation of functionality," said Kevin Surace, president and CEO of Perfect. "With the number of participants in this exchange already, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel for GoTradeSeafood to quickly match buyers and sellers and facilitate the closing of deals." Conditions for the perfect market, like the perfect storm, require the convergence of key factors. As exchanges build up transaction volume and history using PerfectMarket(sm), the service provides additional revenue for Net market makers. It will also offer Net market participants real-time feedback and analysis that allows them to quickly adapt to changing market needs.