Australian food manufacturer Gourmet Food Holdings has been placed into receivership.

Ferrier Hodgson last week announced it had been appointed administrator of the Rosella sauce manufacturer, having taken control of the firm's assets and affairs. The firm said it is undertaking an "urgent assessment" of Gourmet Foods' financial position, including exploring whether the operations can be continued and businesses can be sold.

"The receivers will be seeking expressions of interest in the group. Information regarding the sale of business process will be provided in the next 24-48 hours," Ferrier Hodgson said. "The companies' directors have been requested to prepare a statement about the business, property, affairs and financial circumstances as at the date of our appointment."

The receivership comes after the Sydney-based group failed to find a buyer, according to ABC Australia. The company employs around 275 staff and operates New Zealand packaged organic fresh meals business Pitango and cracker business Waterwheel.