GourmetMarket.com, a leading Internet commerce site for premium food, wine and kitchenware products, announced today a partnership with BellaMondo.com ( www.bellamondo.com ), the one-stop luxury resource for unique hard-to-find goods on the Internet. BellaMondo.com currently boasts 11 expansive product categories and over 1200 products geared toward the affluent consumer who is looking to purchase high-end, finer products online. By partnering with GourmetMarket.com, BellaMondo.com can now offer its customers a broad selection of gourmet food and wines. "We are delighted to be affiliated with BellaMondo.com," said Andrew Friedland, Vice President, Business Development, GourmetMarket.com. "BellaMondo.com's reputation for providing the best-of-the-best is unsurpassed and we're honored to be in that category. This partnership allows us to offer our gourmet products to a targeted audience who appreciates the finer things life has to offer." "GourmetMarket.com offers a high-touch customer service experience and a broad assortment of quality foods and wines which compliments our existing groups," said Jay C. Hirshberg, Founder and CEO. "We are excited about bringing a much needed, diverse offering to our growing customer base." About GourmetMarket.com GourmetMarket.com launched its Web site in October 1997, with the goal to provide the most extensive and finest gourmet products on the Internet. Today, GourmetMarket.com is a leading technology and e-commerce company that presently sells online premium foods, fine wine, and gourmet cookware products, providing credible, trustworthy advice and recommendations from world-renowned experts. San Francisco-based GourmetMarket.com is publicly held, and currently has more than 150 business and co-marketing partnerships, including a number of leading portals and culinary sites. For additional information, visit the company's Web site at