GourmetMarket.com, a leading Internet technology and e-commerce company for premium food, wine and kitchenware products, announced today a partnership with SCG Custom Publishing, Inc. According to Andrew Friedland, Vice President, Business Development, GourmetMarket.com, the partnership calls for quarterly full-page ads in three exclusive publications in exchange for equity in the company and in-kind product. The three publications-Tycoon, Trump Style and The Ritz-Carlton Magazine-have a combined circulation of more than eleven million readers, with minimum 2.2 million worth. Tycoon is an international, lifestyle magazine catering to successful entrepreneurs and other highly affluent professionals, and is distributed in luxury hotel guestrooms and on newsstands. Trump Style is distributed to a carefully selected list of guests and residents at the luxurious Trump properties, in addition to selected newsstands in Palm Beach and the New York area, reaching a wealthy, responsive audience spanning three desirable markets. The Ritz-Carlton Magazine is distributed in luxury hotel guestrooms at 40 properties across the globe. "We are delighted to partner with SCG Custom Publishing, Inc.," said Andrew Friedland, Vice President, Business Development, GourmetMarket.com. "This partnership offers us the opportunity to reach readers who constantly seek out the best of everything. The readers of these three publications are prime purchasers of gourmet food, fine wine, and other luxury items." "We are very pleased with this joint business opportunity," said Richard Purscell, publisher of SCG Custom Publishing, Inc. "GourmetMarket.com is an excellent fit with our existing portfolio of high-end advertisers. With the company's well-established Internet presence and secure niche in the gourmet food industry, we look forward to seeing the results of this partnership."